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About Us

We are a family-founded team that has been helping people for the past 30 years to both find and sell their homes. We are proud to stand apart from the competition for a few reasons.

First, when you list your property with The Walsh Team, while you have a singular point of contact, you won’t just have a singular representative marketing your property. We work together, collectively as a team to draw on our resources to help dramatically enhance your property’s exposure within the market.

Secondly, we live where we work. Most of us grew up in the suburbs of Boston, and are well-versed in the history of these small towns, and can speak first-hand on the day-to-day life in many of these locations.

Lastly, we love it here. Having grown up in the suburbs, and raised (or raising) our families here, we love these suburban towns! We have helped over 500 families in over 50 towns throughout Massachusetts find their homes here too.

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