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1 Rosalie Rd.
24 Wildwood Dr.
266 Washington St.
10 Brook St.
2 Thurston Place
54 Brook St.
27 Bretton Rd.
15 Bretton
10 Church St.
14 Abbott Rd.
5 Stacey St.
7 Hawthorne Dr.
52 Brook St.
30 Saddle Ridge
17 Bretton Rd.
99 Walpole St.
29 Maple Dell
22 Riga Rd.
81 Springdale
28 Nebo St.
63 Woodledge
537 Hartford St.
3 Bartlett Ave.
10 Snow, Sherborn
87 Philip
11 Bretton Rd.
57 Philip
185 Charles River
1 Whitney St.
25 Saddlebrook
42 Livingston
173 South St.
104 Westfield Rd.
Antique Homes
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Dover MA
Sherborn MA
Natick MA
Needham MA
Wellesley MA
Weston MA
Medfield MA
Westwood MA

Current Listings

120 Centre Street and Lot 2A, Dover, MA
185 Charles River St., Needham, MA
32 Hunting Lane, Sherborn, MA
Strawberry Hill, Dover, MA

Sold Listings

1 Rosalie Rd., Newton, MA
1 Whitney St., Sherborn, MA
102 Pegan Lane, Dover, MA
125 Endean Dr., Walpole, MA
134 Hunting Ln., Sherborn, MA
135 Mason Terrace, Brookline, MA
143 Walpole St., Dover, MA
15 A Farm St., Dover, MA
15 Snow St., Sherborn, MA
18 Walpole St., Dover, MA
181 Washington St., Wellesley, MA
183 Claybrook, Dover, MA
25 Saddlebrook Rd., Sherborn, MA
29 Sawyer Rd., Wellesley, MA
34 Brookfield Rd., Dover, MA
36 Crest Dr., Dover, MA, MA
37 Yorkshire Road, Dover, MA
4 Hidden Brick Rd., Hopkinton, MA
4 Icehouse Ln., Natick, MA
42 Livingston Rd., Wellesley, MA
5 Pegan Lane, South Natick, MA
55 Livingston Rd., Wellesley, MA
63 Woodledge Dr., Needham, MA
689 Worcester Rd., Wellesley, MA
79 Pine St., Dover, MA
8 Morningside Dr., Dover, MA
Brookline, MA
Dedham, MA
Dover, MA
Dover, MA
Framingham, MA
Framingham, MA
Holliston, MA
Lexington, MA
Livingston Rd., Wellesley, MA
Medway, MA
Milford, MA
Milford, MA
Natick, MA
Natick, MA
Natick, MA
Needham, MA
Sharon, MA
Sherborn, MA
Sherborn, MA
Sherborn, MA
Sherborn, MA
South Natick, MA
South Natick, MA
Sudbury, MA
Sudbury, MA
Walpole, MA
Wayland, MA
West Roxbury, MA
Westwood, MA
Wrentham, MA

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